Monday, February 6, 2012

Bella Pizza on Geary

The exceedingly nice people at Bella Pizza are clearly trying in earnest to make a decent pizza. That must be applauded. Their ingredients are not particularly low grade and the end product is not dissatisfying. With some changes to their ratios, this could be an acceptable walking-down-the-street-and-feeling-hungry-for-a-slice slice.

CHEESE: Too much, but it's real mozzarella, at least.
SAUCE: Neither sweet nor salty. Entirely serviceable.
CRUST: It serves its purpose, but is otherwise unremarkable. Another cornmeal job that is too flimsy to hold the weight of the cheese. No discernible char or tooth.

Just missing the magic intangible...

Try it for yourself.

Bella Pizza
4124 Geary Boulevard (between 5th & 6th)
San Francisco, CA
Neighborhood: Inner Richmond
(415) 668-4150